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20 Agos 2016 

East Sussex has a variety of fine types of landscape gardening and innovative landscape architecture. Battling with a slowly encroaching London, Sussex has been doing a very good job at maintaining and preserving both historical gardens and landscapes, along with more allowing modern expressions of landscape architecture to flourish. In this article we briefly explore most of these in and about the South East of England which can be open to everyone.

For those that have an interest in history together with landscape gardening, Waltham Abbey Gardens is an ideal choice. Combining the attractive remains on the last Abbey to become dissolved by Henry VIII - also reputed to get the site of King Harold Godwinson's grave, killed inside battle of 1066 by William the Conqueror's army - with beautiful gardens with a Dragonfly Sanctuary. The gardens give the opportunity to enjoy several walks across the many laced pools and larger waterbodies - a haven for many people species of birds.

If your taste requires landscape gardening using a grander scale, you then might have a trip to Wickham Place Farm. Featuring 14 acres of gorgeous wildlife, including mixed woodland, along with a famous 250ft long wall covered in Wisteria, the gardens undoubtedly are a delight for all those preferring a much more rustic, grand method of landscape architecture. The site also attracts a large volume of different kind of birds to the nature lover at the same time.

RHS Garden Hyde Hall is an ideal spot for people wishing to view types of landscape gardening on the very large scale. With an estate of 360 acres stuffed with wildlife, actively maintained gardens in addition to farmland, meadows, and woodland, this location is perfect for the people hoping to lose themselves. Hyde Hall is a good example with the way in which landscapes may be maintained over larger areas, where subtle differences in management create varying effects towards the landscape.

For individuals with a culinary interest, Audely End House & Gardens comes with a fine display of landscape gardening, together with offering visitors an opportunity to see a well-kept Victorian Kitchen Garden in working order. The estate, dating back 1790 also possesses a beautiful lake, water-meadows, along with a 17ft long vine house.
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20 Agos 2016 

When performed correcly and with careful thought and planning, landscaping a yard brings lots of benefits starting from environmental to social. But there is much to take into consideration when embarking on your backyard landscaping project. In this article we cover our top three:


1. Space

At the design stage, get into consideration just what the garden is going to be used for and aspect in a range of practical features. For example, it's your decision a secluded area for sunbathing; is the space children to try out that needs to be robust enough to square up to high traffic; it's your decision to add a place to entertain; and you might also want to use trees to filter noise. Combining beauty with practicality is often a fundamental portion of the garden landscaping process.


2. Style

Maintaining a mode theme throughout the garden is vital if you wish the finished product show up streamlined, attractive and also a pleasure to waste time in. It is also recommended that you match the fashion of the garden to the design and style of your property. Modern houses lend themselves to contemporary garden designs whilst period homes perform the best with traditional style gardens. Put some thought into blending the interior with the outside as well as the results will probably be admired by all visiting.


3. Planting

Remember that plants grow! Your shrub or sapling could be tiny now, but the size of will it be when mature? You must take into account what size the flower will grow to or maybe you could end up planting it too in close proximity to a wall, fencing or other plants. If other plants result in its shadow, they might not survive of course, if the roots are way too close to your own home, it might have serious repercussions which could even cause subsidence. Make sure you discover the plants you might be buying and invite enough space to help them to grow on their mature size.


These are only a few from the many things you'll want to take into mind when planning your backyard landscaping project. Contact your local landscape gardener for more, in-depth advice.
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19 Agos 2016 

Most folks that have the garden would love to acquire more time to take care of it. Unfortunately in this rat race we have been quite often too busy so it can gain the attention it deserves. We want to sit from it, BBQ from it and generally enjoy our gardens, but also for the elderly or less able along with people who work hard or for the less green fingered among us, pulling weeds, pruning and grass cutting might be both cumbersome and problematic. There are other selections for ground cover which are easier to keep up than grass and equally attractive. Paving, shingle and artificial grass being greater popular ways of covering larger elements of the garden.

Paving has its own advantages, and once it is laid correctly it can last for years. It is easy to keep up requiring only jet washing one per year. If the pointing is conducted correctly it will remain weed free. It is easy for wheel chair use which enable it to make your backyard look lots bigger. There is really a vast variety of beautiful slabs currently available, so paving could be made to check interesting. A good landscaper will let you choose which is perfect for you and assistance to design something to fit your garden. There are slabs geared to everyone's budget from concrete to diamond. Remember when scouting for to go for the most your budget allows since these slabs will likely be there for just a very long time. Paving isn't information on straight lines either, you might have circles, wavy lines as well as the slabs is usually laid in patterns. Paving doesn't have to be boring.

Shingle is the one other option you could possibly choose. It makes good ground cover so it helps keep the weeds down. There are many different colours and sizes of shingle. The shingle might be used with all the paving to help you break up the flatness and add texture to your garden. Shingle is fairly difficult to walk on and couldn't survive suitable for wheel chair users, same goes with not for every individual. But it may be used to create borders and interest for your garden. It is also great for driveways particularly rural areas as it's very hard to walk quietly on shingle so visitors rarely arrive unannounced.

Artificial grass is becoming very well liked and a really good alternative to natural grass. It has become a lot more natural looking there are different shades and textures to pick from. You can select from samples very like choosing a carpet. A good landscaper would firstly prepare the bottom and lay a membrane to avoid weeds but allow drainage much like shingle. The artificial turf would then be fixed into place. Obviously it might require no mowing but might need hosing as a result of keep clean particularly if you have a pet. The grass is treated in order that it retains its colour bright day and doesn't fade.

To compliment the paving, shingle or artificial grass you might edge with railway sleepers. If you want plants, remember they're going to require watering so select more tropical plants and greater tubs that retain more water. But remember to shield them in the wintertime. With borders choose slow growing evergreens and several bark mulch to avoid weeds. For colour add boulders, garden ornaments and flowering slow growing annuals.

Overall it really is possible using the correct advise from your good landscaper to use a lovely garden that is certainly both attractive, user-friendly and easy to keep. Your garden can be a living space to be played with and enjoyed.
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04 Agos 2016 

Backyard organic gardens became more and more popular during the last twenty years. The produce tastes fresh, you realize where your meal is coming from, and there is really a great satisfaction in growing your own personal food. Not to mention the present food prices and savings you can create by growing your.

Studies (26th print edition in the journal of agricultural and Food Chemistry) advise that plants grown with herbicides actually slow up the plants chance to fight off pests, as a result reduces the plants capacity to provide healthy anti-oxidants that us as humans require to maintain ourselves healthy. These anti-oxidants may also be vital for preventing or fighting various cancer.

I personally hate the C word, and I'm not planning to use it again. But I do whole heartedly assume that many in the chemicals found in growing our foods are detrimental to health. If nothing else home-grown organic vegetables taste hundreds of times much better than most shop bought equivalents. There is nothing worse when compared to a large healthy looking tomato that truly has no taste in any respect.

So I'm a fan or organic vegetables, there is not any doubt about this. However what I has shared is another kind of growing your personal organics. If you haven't been aware of Aquaponics i'll provide a brief shabby. Aquaponics can be a cross between your typical home vegetable garden, your tank for your fish and hydroponics. Essentially you increase your vegetables in the nutrient rich water an army tank of fish produces. An Aquaponics method is incredibly easy to put together and maintain, requires simply a small amount of space along with the benefits... well I'll list only a few.

Your produce tastes FANTASTIC! Now I've grown all kinds of vegetables and plants in soil, but was astounded in the fresh full flavoured vegetables I could grow using this system.

Your Produce grows within a fraction in the time which it does in soil. This sounds tough to believe, I can only explain it by saying, your plants could possibly get all the nutrients they desire 24 hours a day, 365 days annually. They won't be fighting for root space like they certainly in soil, and they're going to grow ALL YEAR round! I LOVE to be able to head out to my greenhouse in the wintertime and pick some fresh tomatoes for the salad!

You can get to see a substantial increase in these kind of home gardens sooner, they've no real drawbacks whatsoever and require small amounts of maintenance and upkeep in comparison with your typical soil garden.

I whole heartedly you commence this sort of DIY project if you love growing your own personal food. It's an addictive fun and rewarding strategy to produce your organics!
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